Healing from the Inside Out

The human body is equipped with the infinite possibility for self-healing and my aim is to provide you with the necessary resources and support you on your journey towards health and well-being.

Dave Johnson, MD

Holistic and Science-based Integrative Cardiology of West Michigan

  • Are you looking for a new solution for an ongoing medical problem or heart condition?

  • Are you looking for natural solutions to prevent or reverse heart disease?

  • Are you interested in getting off your medications?

  • Are you planning for the future with the aim to be as healthy as possible to meet your goals?

Our #1 priority is to help you discover your roadmap to health and well-being.  Heart disease is preventable and we are here to show you the direction towards living a healthier and happier life.

Who am I?

David Johnson MD, FACC
David Johnson MD, FACCOwner and President of Impact Health: Integrative Medicine and Preventive Cardiology

Your Partner in Health

Proven natural therapies to prevent and reverse heart disease

As human beings we are nourished by the foods we eat, water we drink and air we breath. Our choices have dramatic influence over our health and well-being. In the modern post-industrial world, we need to re-examine our food choices. Evidence supports shifting to a more whole food plant-based diet to support health and reverse disease. For some this can be challenging and support will be needed. At Impact Health we work with you to discover the pleasure and health benefits of plant-based eating.
Stress is pervasive in the modern lifestyle and is considered to be the #1 cause of patient visits to the doctor’s office. There are effective strategies that help you effectively manage stress while building a more resilient brain, heart and body. At Impact Health, we will explore strategies that you can incorporate into your life, allowing you to find better harmony and happiness in your life.
Modern living is associated with hidden unseen dangers that lurk in the environment. Our world has become increasingly toxic as a result of the industrial revolution and post-modern chaotic lifestyle. Fortunately, there are simple measures that can reduce this toxic burden upon your body. At Impact Health, we will explore ways to reduce your toxin exposures and support you in detoxification processes, when you need help eliminating excess exposure.
Physical fitness promotes a healthier and happier life while protecting our heart and brain from the wear and tear of modern living. Both fitness and flexibility are good for our bodies and mind. At Impact Health, we will explore different strategies to help you become a more fit and flexible individual.
Excessive body fat has become a primary driver for many of the chronic diseases that effect Americans. Individually tailored weight loss programs are available to help you achieve your health goals.
Happiness and joy come from the relationships we nourish. Evidence also shows that nurturing relationships support optimal health. The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves since  all other relationships reflect our own inner wellness. At Impact Health, we help you discover the beauty within yourself and well as the relationships that support you.

Find Heart Disease Before It Finds You!

Introducing the EndoPAT™ test

This 15 minute test may save your life!

EndoPAT™ is a safe, accurate, and non-invasive diagnostic test used to determine the health of your blood vessels.

  • A simple, in-office test
  • Non-invasive
  • Painless
  • Quick (15 minutes)
  • FDA-cleared
  • Highly accurate and reproducible
  • No radiation exposure
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 Manage your risk and protect your health

Healthy Heart, Healthy Life Transformation Program

  • Comprehensive cardiovascular wellness program

  • Monthly cardiovascular progress review with the physician

  • Health optimization planning through lifestyle medicine

  • Cardiovascular risk factor management

  • Medication and dietary supplement reviews

  • Resiliency training 

  • Vascular heath assessment and optimization

  • Initial consultation required prior to enrollment.

Call (616) 264-6556 to set up an initial consult.

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Introducing new products to support your health and well-being

Gentle, safe, and scientifically proven weight loss program

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Premium supplements to give your body the nutritional supports it needs for optimal health

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