Frequently asked questions

Do I need a heart condition to make an appointment?

No. The practice is open to any adult over the age of 18 that is ready to take an active role in optimizing their lifestyle to reduce their risk for heart disease while optimizing their health and well-being.

What is integrative medicine/cardiology?

Integrative medicine/cardiology is the evaluation of the whole person and all potential contributing factors that lead to cardiovascular disease. Once these are explored, then choices can be influenced that direct the journey towards healing and wholeness. A combination of traditional Western cardiology principles will be integrated with nutritional, behavioral and energy medicine modalities with the aim of promoting health and wellbeing.

Dr. Johnson is uniquely qualified since he is a board certified cardiologist with formal training in integrative medicine through the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, founded by Dr. Andrew Weil. He is the only formally trained cardiologist in Michigan with such credentials.

What to expect from an office visit?

Dr. Johnson will take an extensive health history to learn more about your diet, stress levels, and other aspects of your home and work environment that impact health and well being. He will perform an examination and will determine the need for additional diagnostic tests. This initial visit lasts 60 minutes while follow up visits typically range 30-60 minutes.

At the completion of the office visit, your goals for health and healing will be discussed. Any additional testing or referrals to other potential healthcare providers will be arranged.

Why don’t you accept insurance?

Has your insurance served you well on your pursuit to health and wellbeing?

We are confident that the membership model will provide you with a better service and more personalized comprehensive care than the traditional hurried 10 to 15 minute patient visit experienced in most insurance-based medical care models.

Full payment is expected at the time of your appointment. Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted. Payment plans can be arranged.

The membership model is not covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most standard health insurance plans.

Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA)?

Your fee may be reimbursable through a Health Savings Account and may be tax deductable. Please check with your HSA carrier and tax accountant.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are often used to cover the costs of medical services. Money in your HSA can be used to pay for qualifying medical expenses which includes medical appointments, lab tests, prescribed supplements, over-the-counter products, and other medically necessary prescribed services, like massage for back pain.

Is laboratory or diagnostic testing covered by insurance?

Diagnostic testing done by Dr. Johnson in his office will not be covered by insurance.

However, all Medicare approved laboratory and other diagnostic testing is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most third party insurances. It is always best to check with your insurance to see if such testing is covered under your current policy.

Do I still need health insurance?

Yes. The membership model does not take place of health insurance coverage. You should continue to maintain adequate health care coverage as mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

Additionally, this membership model does not provide hospital or acute medical care. You should continue with your primary care physician.

Prescription medications and diagnostic services recommended by Dr. Johnson but performed at other locations, such as hospitals are usually covered by insurance. It is the patient’s responsibility to confirm coverage of such tests.

Why do I need to have another primary care physician?

Although many patients may choose to get their primary health care services through Dr. Johnson, he does not offer primary care services. He provides physician consultations that include patient advocacy and health coaching. He will work in consultation with your primary care provider and collaborate with other medical services as needed.

Since Dr. Johnson does not contract directly with insurance you are advised to keep your primary care physician and in some circumstances your specialty care physicians. The cost of health care is enormous. Dr. Johnson’s focus is on health promotion by getting to the root cause of illness while optimizing the processes that promote healing. This differs from the current healthcare system which focuses on disease identification and management, otherwise known as “sick care”. If you have complex medical conditions, the services and recommendations provided by Dr. Johnson will be done collaboratively with your other providers. The goal is to simplify, not amplify, “sick care”  by supporting you and your body on the journey towards health and healing.